We are currently accepting select clothing orders with a completion time of 3-4 months because of a labor shortage. Cushion (unstuffed zafus, zabutons and support cushions) orders will be completed in 3-4 weeks. Thank you for y our patience.

Meditation Clothing | Meditation Cushions

Great Patience Zen Stitchery offers traditional and western-style meditation clothing (robes, kimonos, sitting outfits) and meditation cushions as well as monk’s bags and shukins . These are authentically sewn according to traditional Japanese sewing methods. Western-style adaptations (western-style kimono) are available with some of the clothing.

Unless specified, all garments are made of 100% preshrunk high quality cotton material. Linen and linen-cotton blends are also available. All cushions are handmade and authentically hand sewn at Total Dynamic Functioning Zen Temple in Los Angeles, Ca. We have been sewing cushions for over twenty years and have over thirty five years of meditation experience.

It is hoped that in offering these garments to others, the seeds of Buddhism planted in the West, will patiently, yet steadfastly, take deep root and grow throughout America.

The name of this Stitchery is in memory of and deep gratitude to Dainin Katagiri-Roshi, my teacher for many years.

Peace in the Dharma. Yuko Conniff

Soto and Rinzai priest robes.

Long robe similar to monk’s robe.

Traveling monk’s robe.

Traditional, western style and ceremonial (Hakue) kimonos.

For sitting or work.

Sitting or work pants.

Hippari sitting jackets and Jubans.

Zafus, Zabutons, Zafu/Zabuton Sets and Support Cushions.

Traditional Japanese monks bag, also Shukins, a cord-like belt for robes, and obis.

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