This lay meditation robe is similar to the monk’s robe with shorter sleeves and fewer pleats. It has three full box pleats ( sides and back) and two half pleats in the back, and the sleeves are 24″ in length and extend a little beyond the wrist. A cloth belt is included. It also has the traditional overcollar which protects the collar and can be removed and replaced to extend the life of the robe. The robe is about 8 ” from the floor between the ankle and lower calf. The summer robe is available in a light to medium weight 100% cotton  or a lighter weight pima cotton, linen or a handkerchief linen/cotton blend for an additional cost. The winter weight is a medium weight dress quality cotton twill. It can be worn over a kimono, samuegi or street clothes. It is easily washable in warm water and can be dried in the dryer on the low temp setting. Measurements required on the checkout page,

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