All Zafus come with or without a handle.

Regular Zafu
A regular zafu has a 11 1/2″ diameter expanding to 14 1/2″ with a loft of 7″ made with a high quality cotton twill shell and stuffed with 2 1/2 lbs. of very high quality kapok ( a natural fiber from the ciba tree which is very resilient and used in most monasteries and Zen Centers). Meditation cushions are authentically made according to patterns of cushions used in Japanese and American monasteries and hand stuffed and double-stitched. (With or without white name tag).

Large Zafu
A large zafu has a 13″ diameter expanding to 17″ with a 7″ loft. Suggested for those weighing 200lbs. or more or who want a larger zafu. Made with a high quality cotton twill shell, double-stitched and stuffed with 3 1/4 lbs. of high quality kapok.

Unstuffed Zafu
Regular size zafu which comes with kapok and instructions on how to stuff your zafu.

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